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>> Sunday, January 3, 2010

Mondays are now challengicious at The Conscious Shopper (to borrow a word from the ever-witty Arduous). Every Monday, I'll post a new challenge to help you go green in a year without going broke.

Get the Most out of The Conscious Shopper Challenge

1. Sign up for my RSS feed so you'll always know when I've posted a new challenge.

2. Participate in the Go Green without Going Broke group on Facebook. Don't just join: post comments, add discussions, and upload photos. Let's make it a fun, interactive group of greenies!

3. Use the checklists. Keep up with your green changes by printing the checklists on recycled paper OR be extra green by saving your own editable digital copies. I think the checklists will be especially helpful for newcomers and people who fall behind in the challenges. Plus, doesn't it make you feel so accomplished to be able to check things off of a list?

4. Add the Conscious Shopper Challenge button to your blog using the following html:

     <a href="http://bit.ly/8e7hmt">
<img alt="The Conscious Shopper Challenge" height="'131'"
width="'150'/" />

5. Tell your friends. It's so much more fun to go green when you have company. Let's see how many people we can get to go green this year!

The Conscious Shopper Challenge Index

1) Calculate your carbon footprint

Challenge #1: Trim Your Waste-Line
2) Keep track of your trash for a week
3) Switch to cloth bags
4) Start using a reusable water bottle/thermos
5) Green your household cleaners
6) Dispose of your disposable paper products
7) Go green in the bathroom
8) Green your diapers
9) Reduce packaging
10) Start composting
11) Recycle everything
12) Pack a waste free lunch

Challenge #2: Energize
13) Change your bulbs
14) Get a home energy audit
15) Save energy through heating and cooling
16) Save energy when cooking
17) Save energy when washing dishes and laundry
18) Slay your vampires
19) Upgrade to energy star
20) Support renewable energy

Challenge #3: Water Down

21) Reduce your indoor water use (Part 1)
22) Reduce your indoor water use (Part 2)
23) Reduce your outdoor water use (Part 1)
24) Reduce your outdoor water use (Part 2)

Challenge #4: Travel Sustainably

25) Walk
26) Bike
27) Keep up with your car maintenance
28) Use public transportation
29) Learn to hypermile
30) Upgrade to an energy efficient vehicle
31) Travel sustainably over long distances

Challenge #5: Non-Consumption

32) Avoid temptation
33) Buy used
34) Reuse/repair
35) Start a swap network
36) Have more fun, less stuff
37) Observe an ecosabbath

Challenge #6: Green Your Grocery Bill

38) Shop smart
39) Learn to cook
40) Eat less meat
41) Eat seasonally
42) Buy local
43) Buy organic
44) Plan a garden
45) Limit your special occasion foods

Challenge #7: Beyond Your Front Door

46) Vote
47) Bank sustainably
48) Get involved
49) Get to know your neighbors
50) Plan an act of eco-service
51) Pay a tithe


Jeannie,  January 3, 2010 at 10:40 AM  

I'm up for the challenge! We finally got the recycling going (long story) and now our trash is non-existent. A small change does make a difference.

Looking forward to discovering more and more small changes with big impact!

Erin aka Conscious Shopper January 3, 2010 at 8:36 PM  

@Jeannie - Awesome! Glad to hear you'll be participating!

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