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>> Friday, May 21, 2010

As I wrote a few weeks ago, I recently bought several items from during their big Earth Month sale. Besides the Goodbyn lunchboxes, I also bought a new water bottle and some stainless steel straws.

I was so so bummed a couple months ago when I left my stainless steel water bottle at the playground. I tried to go back and get it, but some very thirsty stranger must have found it, took it home, now uses it every day, and loves the stainless steel treasure they found in the park. I'm hoping...

I am such a rebel at heart that it pains me to buy products from brands that are really popular. I didn't want a Klean Kanteen because everyone has a Klean Kanteen. Yet here I am with a Klean Kanteen and all I can say is, "It was a really good deal!!!"

I went with the 12 oz.wide-mouth insulated stainless steel bottle and also bought the cafe cup lid. The reasons I went with this particular bottle are many-fold:

  • My last bottle was ginormous and luggy. This time I wanted something small enough that it could fit in my purse.
  • I wanted something that could be used for both water and hot chocolate so that I didn't have to remember my thermos. Cuz I never do.
  • I wanted something that would keep my water cold so I could leave it in the car and still satisfy my kids after an hour on the playground (instead of hearing them complain "this water tastes weird!")
So far I only have one complaint about my new bottle: If I leave the water in the bottle overnight, it tastes very strange the next day - kind of plasticky actually, which makes me wonder what they used to insulate it. I've also wondered if I'm just crazy because surely the stainless steel would keep out whatever they've used to insulate the bottle. Maybe it's really metal I'm tasting and I'm just clueless about what metal tastes like...

I also bought these stainless steel straws. Not because I don't love my Glass Dharma straws, because I really really do. But glass and a two-year-old, not the best plan. These straws now hang out in my To-Go Kit, ready to save hundreds of disposable straws from a sad, sad fate.

I feel a little sheepish about this particular purchase because I didn't research it at all before buying and have no idea if it fits my usual standards. I'm trusting's standards on this one.

If you're in need of some lunchboxes, water bottles, stainless steel straws, and much much more, has a special free shipping coupon for this weekend only. Simply type in the coupon code NEWCUST25 during checkout to receive free shipping on orders of $25 or more. The code is for new customers only, cannot be combined with other coupons, and doesn’t apply to volume or wholesale orders. Happy shopping!


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Anonymous,  September 26, 2010 at 4:12 AM  

Hey Guys,

I actually found bubble stainless steel straws

I found a ebay store with some cool combo stainless steel packs. I never seen this before.

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