Spotlight on Raleigh: The R-Line

>> Friday, October 2, 2009

Those of you who hang on my every word and read all my posts both here and at The Green Phone Booth (Hi, Mom!) know that I've been obsessing about my car problem - my gas guzzling minivan. It would be a really stupid financial move for us to trade in our car right now, so I've been trying to find ways to drive less or to avoid driving at all. The R-Line is one solution that I've come up with.

The R-Line is Raleigh's downtown circulator bus service. It runs from Wilmington, up to Peace Street, over to Glenwood South, down to South St (in front of the Performing Arts Center), and back to Wilmington - basically a great big loop around the downtown area. (See map.)

We live just a few blocks from Wilmington, so its incredibly accessible to our house. And best of all, the R-Line is always 100% completely FREE!

I know most residents of Wake County, being the sprawling suburban paradise that it is, don't live within walking distance of the R-Line, but if you ever head downtown, consider parking your car and taking advantage of this great service rather than driving from point to point.

Here are some of the attractions you can get to using the R-Line:

:: Seaboard Station (including ACE Hardware, Logan Garden Center, and several restaurants)
:: Moore Square (including Marbles Kids Museum and numerous restaurants and art galleries)
:: Glenwood South (including numerous restaurants and shops)
:: Warehouse District (including The Pit and Goodwill)
:: Snoopy's on Hillsborough Street
:: North Carolina Museum of History
:: North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
:: Raleigh City Museum
:: State Capital Building
:: Performing Arts Center
:: Conference Center
:: Wake County Courthouse
:: a couple of post offices

From Glenwood South, it's an easy less-than-a-mile walk to Cameron Village, where you can find:

:: clothing and shoe stores
:: restaurants
:: grocery stores (Fresh Market and Harris Teeter)
:: salons and a barber shop
:: Rite Aid
:: jewelry and gift shops
:: Blockbuster
:: UPS Store
:: a drycleaner
:: a library
:: an eye care store
:: a cell phone store
:: a toy store
:: a sporting goods store
:: home decor shops (including Ten Thousand Villages)

It's also about a mile from R-Line stops on Glenwood Ave to both Pullen Park and Fred Fletcher Park.

My son's school is also 3/4 of a mile south of one of the R-Line stops, and I'm also looking into finding doctors and dentists closer to my house so we can walk there for well check-ups and regular cleanings. (Obviously if we're sick or drugged up, we wouldn't walk.) Now if only I could convince more of my friends to move downtown....

Have you tried the R-Line? What did you think?

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