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>> Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Check out my latest post at The Green Phone Booth: A Strong Community Equals a Happy Planet.

On Saturday, we headed downtown for our favorite local festival: Bugfest, a celebration of all things buggy - even down to the food (chocolate chip cricket cookies and mealworm hush puppies....Mmmm!) This weekend, we'll probably head back downtown for SparkCon to celebrate our city's creative side, and later this month, we'll be helping KaBOOM build a playground around the corner from our neighborhood. We also have plans to host a block party for KaBOOM's Play Day 2009, and we're still debating whether or not we'll be able to participate in the Raleigh Typhoon, a scavenger hunt to see how well locals know their downtown.

As I was brainstorming blog post ideas, both for this blog and my personal blog, all of these events came up as possible subject matter. But as I skimmed through the list, I realized that writing about these events on a "green blog" might be a bit of a stretch. Chocolate chip cricket cookies? Maybe if I spun it into an argument that eating more bugs and less meat would help save the planet...

And elsewhere on the Internet:

:: Andree Zaleska battles her son's gaming addiction by cancelling the cable and making him play outside. [via Grist]

Toxic Free NC has a video about the effects of pesticide use on farmworkers.

EcoYogini reminds us to remember the big picture and lists 10 of her favorite eco changes. This is possibly my favorite post of the week.

:: Time Magazine tells us "
we are seeing the rise of the citizen consumer - and the beginning of a responsibility revolution."

:: Van Jones sends a message to his friends and fans and tells us how to support green jobs now. [via Grist]

:: The Grass Stain Guru lists ten things she wishes for today's kids. I especially like: "
That you learn to be fearless, bold, and let your freak flag wave. I don’t mean live dangerously — but I do mean have the guts and gumption to really live and don’t be afraid to be yourself."

:: Mindful Momma is the host of this month's Green Moms Carnival on the subject of "conserving resources."

I'm now using Twitter to keep track of my noteworthy green reads. If you'd like instant knowledge of what I find interesting, you can find me on Twitter as consciousshoppr.

Looking for something to do? Check out my More (Fall) Fun, Less Stuff event guide!


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