Noteworthy Green: Hobbit Homes, The People's Portable Garden, Big Box Mart, and More...

>> Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Check out my post this week on the Green Phone Booth: Home Sweet Hobbit Home.

The house is way out in the country, set midway up a large wooded hill. As you pull into the drive, you might not realize that it's a hobbit house. With it's brick facade and overhanging eaves, it looks almost like any other house.

But as you pull up a little closer, you might realize that the roof doesn't peak the way most roofs do. In fact, it curves a little bit. And there are plants growing on top. Read more...

And elsewhere on the Internet:

::Grist explains why a gust of wind or a negligent crop duster is really bad news for an organic farmer.

::According to Simply Green, you can donate all of your clothes to charity (not just those you think can be sold) because textile recyclers buy the unwearable clothing. I don't think this is true for all thrift stores, but at least for Goodwill.

::The Simple Dollar has a nice article about aligning your frugality with your values.

::The Utne Reader offers one city's solution to unsightly undeveloped land and a desire for more community garden space: The People's Portable Garden.

::JibJab has the funniest cartoon that explains perfectly why I avoid shopping at Walmart.


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