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>> Wednesday, November 18, 2009

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"My husband spent three hours getting the leaves out of our yard last weekend," a friend told me. "An hour to blow them all into a pile, and then two hours to bag them all up."

"Wow!" I replied casually, but inside I was screaming. Why, oh why, did he waste time getting the leaves out of his yard??? I want more leaves in my yard! We don't have any trees, and although we got enough leaves from our neighbors' trees to do this...


and Are You Smarter Than a Tenth Grader?
My mom runs the virtual lab at a high school (that's the computer lab where students can take online classes), and she sent me the following email today:
I've got a student assignment where they have a list of products that can be recycled and have to tell what those products can be recycled into. I've spent a half hour on google and can't find a good website. I'd like one that covers most of the products. Know any? The products are--food waste, yard waste, plastic, metal, glass, paper, and cardboard.
I sent back a quick reply and then started thinking...Do I know what those products are recycled into?


And elsewhere on the Internet:

:: Time magazine reports that Sesame Street taught children to be conscious TV viewers - and oh yeah, their ABCs.

:: Maya*made is a genius! Napkin holders out of security envelopes. I would have never thought of that.

:: The Simple Dollar flashes back to his reader's 25 best actions for saving money.

:: The Scrap Exchange has four fun videos with ways to reuse cardboard.

:: Tom Philpott discusses ways and whys the government needs to rebuild ag infrastructure for small farmers.

:: Kitchen Stewardship suggests having a pair of shoes only for indoors. Interesting idea. I usually wear slippers in the winter, but Katie suggests that shoes keep your feet from hurting and keep you productive.

I'm now using Twitter to keep track of my noteworthy green reads. If you'd like instant knowledge of what I find interesting, you can find me on Twitter as consciousshoppr.
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