Noteworthy Green: Green Missionaries, Cockroaches, Clotheslines, and More...

>> Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Check out my latest post on The Green Phone Booth: Are You an Effective Green Missionary? Take the Quiz and Find Out!

Taking a hint from girlie magazines, I've prepared a little quiz to help you figure out what kind of green missionary you are. Good luck!

Take the Quiz

1. After reading Fast Food Nation, you've decided to stop eating at fast food restaurants. The next time you see your co-worker eating a Big Mac, you:

a) tell her, "That is so disgusting! How can you eat that!"

b) don't say anything then, but later you tell her, "I read an awesome book called Fast Food Nation. Would you like to borrow it sometime?"

c) pat yourself on the back for making smart choices about your health and the health of the planet.

Read more.

And elsewhere on the Internet:

:: In Women We Trust is hosting this month's Green Mom's Carnival on "Standards."

:: Toxic Free NC provides tips for ridding your home of cockroaches. Down with cockroaches! Long live humans! [via New Raleigh]

:: The New York Times has an eye-opening expose on e. coli and the meat industry. Dare you to eat a hamburger after reading this.

:: Also from The New York Times, innovative ways to green the suburbs. This would make Van Jones proud.

:: And let's not forget this New York Times article on the debate over "wind energy drying devices" - clotheslines!

:: My favorite post of the week from Fake Plastic Fish about the new documentary Tapped. Triangle residents - you'll want to read this!

:: And finally, my favorite quote of the week from Truffula Mama at The Green Phone Booth: "
If we take, we must necessarily give back."

I'm now using Twitter to keep track of my noteworthy green reads. If you'd like instant knowledge of what I find interesting, you can find me on Twitter as consciousshoppr.
  • Looking for a way to get involved? Call your Senators and tell them you support a strong clean energy and climate bill.


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