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>> Wednesday, June 17, 2009

A few months ago, I mentioned that I was interviewed by the organization formerly known as Co-op America (now Green America) for their quarterly magazine, and it's finally available online! The article is great, and the whole magazine is filled with valuable information about shifting to a green economy. I hope you enjoy reading it and that you'll also consider joining Green America, which is one of my favorite organizations.

And by the way, my technical difficulties have been sort of taken care of. And by sort of, I mean that my dear husband set up our seven-year-old computer for me, so unfortunately, there's a good chance it will die on me. But I'm very grateful to have it.

If you're wondering why my laptop's death was so cruelly ironic...A week ago, my husband mentioned that he'd seen a place selling my laptop online for less than half the price I paid for it. Plus, it was the newer model. The only catch was that it was a one day only price, so I had to buy it right then if I wanted it. I replied that I did want it, but I wanted a pressure cooker more, and I also wanted to landscape my new yard, hang up a clothes line, and get a worm bin going. So I'd have to pass....Two days later, my laptop started acting funny. Two days after that, the funny started getting annoying. And two more days later, it was dead. Just cruel.


Julie,  June 21, 2009 at 10:22 PM  

So sorry to hear about your laptop dying---my husband saw (perhaps) the same deal on laptops, I don't remember the name of the online store but you have to buy it right then or the price is gone the next day...we chose not to buy, also, because we really can't afford it now and don't need it yet. A couple of days later, a light fixture blew out in our bathroom (which required an electrician to fix, not to mention buying a new fixture of course) and then a day or so later, the vacuum cleaner died. Our house is for sale, and I've got to have a working light and a working vacuum! I was not too happy with the universe over that. Also, we spent about $250 (which we could ill afford) on stuff to stage the house. And we've had lots of visits in the 5:00 p.m. hour, which means we have to spend $$ to eat out. We have a kid, we can't feed him too late otherwise he goes to bed even later than usual, and I can't feed him before the showing because then the house would stink of food and I'd have to rush to clean everything up. Sigh. Keep your fingers crossed, we have 2 parties who are interested in buying our house, though. I read that you recently sold yours (yay!!) so I know you can relate!

Erin aka Conscious Shopper June 21, 2009 at 11:51 PM  

@Julie - Definitely can relate. I sometimes wonder how people ever get ahead financially because (in my life at least) things are always breaking! Good luck with your house!

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