Noteworthy Green: Raleigh Denim, Debt Envy, Grocery Store Tricks, and More

>> Wednesday, April 29, 2009

::New Raleigh interviews Sarah and Victor Lytvinenko, the designers and makers of Raleigh Denim.

::It's Frugal Being Green provides a checklist for how to want less.

::New Dream Blog exposes some of the ecological ramifications of our recycling and waste disposal system, "like in the Chinese cities mounded with British and American recycling."

::Stretchy Dollar reminds us that we shouldn't envy other people's stuff because we are really envying their debt.

::The Greenest Dollar provides tips for avoiding grocery store ploys to get you to spend more money.

::Bjorn Lomborg in the New York Times argues that we should focus on making renewable energy as affordable as carbon-based energy rather than trying to reduce emissions and Grist says he's flat out wrong.


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